Naming a dog

bessieFinding a name for a dog is right up there like finding a name for your kid. We have been talking about a name as long as I have been nagging Peli about getting a dog.

It should be something that is easy to remember, spell, write and above all easy to shout out in the park.

Indy : We both love that name but quite a few people are calling their dog Indy. What about Mr Jones? but that is not good for a girl.
K9 : All I can say is Dr. Who.
woofy : After a little German girl who we spotted in Denmark pointing at a cute dog across the road saying “schönest woofy”
Newt : After the little girl in Aliens.
LEGO : Well what can I say 🙂
Bob : Is the name I fall back on when I can’t remember some ones name and a tribute to Black Adder.
Squirrel : Just because I pissed myself silly when I watch UP. But way to hard to say or shout in the park so it is pretty much off the list before it is on the list.

Newt and K9 are probably the two hardest to shout out. LEGO would be a laugh and you would get some funny looks shouting that in the park.

Ball is also on the list but just because of the funny scene in Bolt. Laika too as a tribute to my old dog by that name.

Then there is Flea, Rusty, Coco. Buy I think Pootle is the winner as that fits to our Peli and woolly pootles we do with our cycling friends.