Gotcha #4

Well that sneaked up on us, today is four years to the day of when Tilley first puked in our car … erm … what I mean is, that today is her fourth gotcha day!

Insert lots of soppy stories about how she is the best dog in the world and none other gets anywhere close. And tons of funny stories about how she makes us laugh. And how she shows us how she is the smartest cookie in the dog biscuit jar every day. Well that will just bore you to bits and anyway you know that this is true, if you have ever met The Diva 🙂

So here is a wee handful of pictures of her life with us over the last year.

Ain’t life with a dog brill?

2nd birthday walk

We celebrated Tilley’s second birthday, well the date we picked since we don’t know the real date, with a little walk to Wycoller. On the Ferndean way which makes a nice four mile loop. It is a bonus walk for us all :

– We get to see Tilley’s favourite person, Mum, so plenty of cuddles for her and cups of tea for us.
– She gets to run loose: there is a nice enclosed area, which is nicely away from busy roads and surrounded with fields.

We have also found a way to keep her from running around in her crate or back seat of the car and sounding like we are taking her to an abattoir. Let her sit on the front seat, so Vicky is now relegated to the back seat. There is the odd whine and whimper from her, else she is quiet as a mouse, while she studies my driving.

Quinn the foster dog

Quinn from aireworth dogs in need**UPDATE**: Quinn met his future family today, a lovely couple and daughter who is at university. They live right next to lovely walking areas, and we are sure he is going to be spoilt rotten. He was so excited to see them that he decided to show off and played with our Tilley for the first time, before retiring to the warmth of the radiator for a flat-out kip. He’ll go to his new home once his kennel cough has gone, so he’ll be with us for the next week while we get him back to strength, start his vaccinations and get him further on the road to recovery. Hurrah! [/end update]

The dog formally known as Pepe Le Pew, Exodus and Rusty, but now known as Quinn arrived yesterday for some TLC after having a rough life so far.

This gentle soul is about one year old and a good half his supposed weight. He hoovered down the food we gave him, even by hand. He has a very soft mouth – that is if you don’t mind slobber!

He stank to high heaven so we gave him a good old scrub behind the ears, where he just stood there quietly and let us wash him while he inhaled a bit of kibble. I wouldn’t say he now smells of roses, but he is now very welcome to get a cuddle!

As soon as he got into the house he wanted to come for cuddles, and loves gradually creeping over your knee until he’s properly sitting on your lap. He’s a bit heavy for a lap dog but we don’t have the heart to push him off!

Tilley wanted to play badly, but Quinn is still a bit scared and weak to do that for more than a couple of minutes. He is very gentle lad, he didn’t jump up while I was preparing food and he sits quietly next to the table while you’re eating (you will struggle to resist his gorgeous brown eyes).

He is neutered and is awaiting all his vaccinations. He is very skinny and has a bit of kennel cough at the moment which is improving with honey, four small meals a day and lots of warmth and kindness. We’re feeding him puppy/junior kibble, bulked out with pasta, vegetables and salmon oil. He’s already looking much better just two days after he arrived. Even in his hungry state he allows you to stroke him and take his bowl away while he’s eating, so we don’t think he’ll have any food issues. He just wants to nomnomnomnom all the time, understandably! But we’re feeding him little and often, just to get his tummy used to food again.

I have had him out for two small walks – he gently pulls on the lead but I’m sure that it will not take long to train him to walk well on the lead. He is very keen on other dogs we saw at a distance and other humans he wanted to go and say hi to. He hasn’t seen any cats or birds yet, so lets see how he handles them. When on the walks he is still scared of new things and places, and sometimes hides behind me, but is learning fast that it safe.

We think the poor lad has been shouted at when he wees because he’s very anxious, holds for a very long time, and looks scared and stops doing his business when we say “good boy” – so we now give him lots of space and gradually he is learning where to “go”.

This chilled-out boy is a real cuddle monster! He likes nothing more than to gradually work his way across you on the sofa until he’s fully stretched out across your lap. He’s a lovely, affectionate lad.

After his first walk yesterday where he started with his tail between his legs and wasn’t sure what was going on, he totally changed when we walked back into the house, like he knew that this is a safe and good place to be, tail up wagging and a spring in his step.

His first night at here we let him sleep in the kitchen, but after 10 minutes of howling and scraping at the kitchen stair gate we heard the tell tale sounds of a dog sprinting up the stairs and seconds later we had him on the bed cuddling madly up to Vicky. I took him down stairs and he settled on one of the sofas while I slept on the other. After an hour I went upstairs again and we heard nothing until I got down in the morning where I got greeted by a very tired looking and wagging Quinn.

We will miss him when he goes but will be really happy to see our second foster in such a loving forever home. (Otis is doing very well, by the way!).

Otis the foster dog

otis from aireworth dogs in need**UPDATE**: The wee lad went to his forever home this afternoon, we know that he has found a great home. We will miss you and the house is quiet without you mucking about. [/end update]

We got this little fella yesterday evening to look after until he finds a new home. Tilley just thinks he is a toy, she is bonkers with him.

He had a big day yesterday – left his mum, went to vet and then to us, via some puking in the car.

He is a collie cross and is 4-months old and has now found our radiators and sofa.

He’s safe now. He’s had a harsh start in life. But he will now know love. He needs to settle and get used to a home environment. He has already started his vaccinations and has been chipped. He will be neutered when he’s old enough. We will host him for two weeks and then he is ready for a forever home.

If you are interested he will be rehomed in Keighley and the surrounding areas area, please contact Aireworth dogs in need Go on you know you want to!

Gallery from New Year:

Gallery from the first two nights:

Playing pet detective: tracing Tilley’s history

First picture of Tilley aka Scrappy at 6 months oldHere’s “Scrappy” when she was first rescued by Leitrim Animal Welfare in Ireland. Read all about how we traced her history…

We’ve now had our wonderful Tilley for seven weeks and we’re all having a ball. Everyone who meets her falls in love with this little cheeky, amusing, affectionate collie cross. “Such a pretty dog!” they exclaim. “Aren’t you a bonny one?” as she wriggles with excitement and tries to lick their ears off.

We couldn’t imagine life without her madly wagging tail greeting us every morning, her demands for belly rubs at every opportunity, her joyful running in figures of eight about the park, her cute squeaky yawns, or the way she plonks herself down for cuddles at night.

But we couldn’t help being curious about her past life and the experiences which brought her to live with us in a little market town at the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales.

We knew from Dog’s Trust Darlington that she’d been rescued in Ireland and brought over for rehoming, but nothing more. So I began the search by contacting the Dog’s Trust again to ask for any other information they might have on file for Scrappy, as she was known.

A very helpful response from Katie in Darlington came quickly: according to their records, Scrappy had been picked up as a stray and handed to the Dog’s Trust via Leitrim Animal Welfare, then transported from Belfast to Cairnryan in a purpose-built animal ambulance.

I discovered Leitrim Animal Welfare had a Facebook group so dropped them a quick message to ask if they by any chance remembered Scrappy (and her brother, Squishy). This morning we were rather choked up to receive the following lovely message about Tilley (Scrappy) from Andrea at Leitrim:

Oh wow – Vicky, thanks so much for getting in touch, I’m thrilled to see Tilly looking so happy and so well. I’ve printed the photos off to show the staff, they will be delighted! Tilley and Squishy came in to our centre on 13.07.2013. They were found on the N4 in Carrick-on-Shannon and it is a very busy main road. Linda, the person who found them held onto them for 3 weeks in the hope that their owner would come forwards, but no-one did, so presuming they had been dumped she bought them to our centre. I’m just so happy that you got in touch, thank you and we are all sending a huge hug for Tilley.

Andrea also sent the photograph – see the top picture – she has of ‘Scrappy’ when she first arrived at the Leitrim centre. As Andrea put it, “She just sat down and smiled as if to say, ‘OK, I’m here now, what’s the craic?'”! That seems to perfectly sum up the happy-go-lucky nature that we now know and love!

Tilley’s tired after her day of running around, but she’s managed a special message for everyone who helped her…

whats the craic
It seems incredible that Tilley, once wandering a busy road in serious danger, is now lying contented at my feet as I type this, thanks to the efforts of many caring people. We are very grateful to Linda, the lady who found and rescued Tilley, to Leitrim Animal Welfare and to the Dog’s Trust. You all gave Tilley the second chance she so deserved! We’re also happy to learn that her sibling, Squishy, appears also to have been rehomed from Darlington Dog’s Trust. All best wishes and wagging tails from Tilley to her brother.

We’ll be updating this blog about our life with Tilley, so watch this space!

The Dogs Trust

Well after a few years of nagging I have finally managed to drag Peli to a place to look for a dog to have. Lots of talking to and fro over the last years – rescue or kennel dog? Listed the pro and cons about where to get it from, what kind, size etc etc etc. I have always had dogs while growing up and pretty much all my friends and family has dogs. Peli have grown up dog less – cats and horses was her thing. Though while on tour we meet plenty of lovely dogs, both wild/farm and at friends and this have turned Peli around. Luck would have it that her asthma isn’t playing up while around dogs and she really likes walking them too, she even scooped the poop 🙂

After a lot of talking and surfing various dog related websites, we had narrowed it down to a Lurcher or Working Cocker Spaniel. So today we went, pretty much last minute, jumped into the car and went.

We arrived at Darlington Dogs Trust was greeted by great staff and went around to look at the dogs there. We found beautiful Lizzy the whippet/lurcher who we fell for right away, but sadly (for us only) she was picked by others while we where there.

Though then there was young Scrappy a “border” collie cross (crossed with what?) who came and said hallo to us – full of beans, 6 months old, gentle, lots of jumping and no big time licking. It is hard not to like her even when we said that border collies was not the dog for us. She was all over the place on the lead, though that is something we can train out of her.

She will for sure keep us fit, lucky where we live we got three length walks for her to do – doggy park one 2min away, doggy park 6min away and 10min away the Yorkshire Dales hours of fun!

Here is a couple of snaps, the only two that we got with her, all the other photos are where she recently was 🙂

We will pick up Scrappy (but soon to become Tilley) next Saturday, can’t wait!