Over the last few days Tilley has changed a fair bit, grown a bit and become right young mischief.

She have now discovered shoes, which she ignored before, they will now be grabbed when we are not in the same room as her.

Food on the table tops aren’t safe any more as she has found out that she is actually tall enough to reach. This resulted in her getting covered in Saturday curry take way, which gave her the nickname Korma for rest of the day. She also managed to grab some bread we where using to make sandwiches with, along with leftovers that would have been my lunch but went into her belly instead. Last night she was out cold sleeping next to me on the floor, didn’t move when I got up to go upstairs. Never paid any interest in my plate of food, full or empty, just laid there and slept. I had barley gone upstairs before Peli heard and saw, from the kitchen, her licking the plate with a very wagging tail. She was just waiting for that moment when our backs are turned.

Her play has also become more active and longer, nothing hard and she still knows the different between a toy and my fingers.

She has stared to whine and growl when left in the crate and we are about in the house.

That said, she is not scared of the hoover, the microwave or the washing machine even with it being right next to her crate. She is getting very good on lead, at start it was only the evening walk that we had some success. Now most walks are done without pulling though we have to stick to the same roads or else the world becomes a wee bit too exciting.

She is also becomes scared and don’t know what to do with herself and comes to us for reassurance when another dog has barked or growled at her.

Yesterday while out walking she learnt the hard way that some flying buzzing things do bite back. She had tried to catch and eat some wasps but not matter how much Peli pulled her away she got too close. Which resulted in her rolling around in pain, licking her left leg and not keen on walking home. She was clearly in discomfort and looked very sorry for herself, but there was still some interest in cheese so we knew that we didn’t have to take her to the vet. She spend most of the afternoon sleeping and when I got home she is normally keen on meeting me, but I got a rather subdued greeting. Well I’m pretty sure that she will keep her distance in the future 🙂

Well since I wrote the above – she went strait back to where the incident happened without a blink and she also managed to
get hold of the butter and had a good 200g of it.

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