First bath and working day

Tilley was smelling rather like the bad end of a smelly thing, the second time we saw her she had poo stuck in her fur. We had planned to leave her smelly for a few days to keep the trauma to a minimum. But since she was so relaxed and not really bothered with what we did to her we decided to something with her smell.

Armed with treats and shampoo we went to the bathroom, first letting her smell the place and figure out what was in there. Then we lifted her in to the tub and ran the water at first she was happy with the water and shampoo. We could keep her in the tub with treats and praise but she was getting rather keen on getting out. So it was a quick wash and therefore very few photos of the bath time. A big towel was thrown over her before she did her shake and then we ruffled her down which she looked like she enjoyed. Her fur was so much better looking and she smelled so much better, still a bit of kennel smell, which we will get next time.

Peli has been dead keen on getting the training going, so when I get home from work Tilley is rather tired so my greeting is rather less jumpy compared to when we first met her at the Dog’s Trust. The sit is coming along fine, every time we lift our hands up and look like we are holding food in them her bum hits the ground. Though getting her attention is proving a bit hard, so Peli has been working hard in the kitchen and yarden on walking on the lead and sit and even down.

The new party trick was a trick my grandmother used to play on me. She would let some water run and off my bladder went, as it still does to this day, a certain noise that water can make when running makes me hunt for a place for nature to do its call.

Peli found that using the watering can and let it run on the stone flags in the back garden, works just the same on Tilley, handy if we need her to take a leak before bedtime.

I came home to hugs and Peli tells me that she had been looking for me around the house. We can touch any part of her body while she eats out of our hands very gently. She rolls over for belly rubs and loves to sleep in my lap and I can play with her teeth, ears and paws. She goes and lays down in her crate by herself.

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