Day one in the doggy house …

… and Tilley is settling in or is that we are settling in.

She came home and was pretty settled in and was calm, some odd jumping around mostly to see what is going on and to smell all corners.

Things we have noticed:

-She: when sniffing something next to a wall, likes to lean against it, looks comical.
-She: does know what dogs sound like on the telly.
-She: is obsessed with reflective things, went a wee bit nuts when she saw herself in the fireplace’s shiny brass and marble.
-She: just comes and dumps herself on you if you are sitting on the floor and she wants to be cuddled.
-She: is now going into her crate by herself and lays there.
-She: found the corner in the “yarden” where we are sure the previous dog went potty.
-She: found that the stone slab in front of the fire is the most comfortable place to play with her Kong.
-She: when hearing babies cry is not sure what that noise is and does a little bark.
-She: when hearing the alley cats having a fight, did bark, though a quick distraction stopped that.
-She: eats from our hands ever so gently.
-She: sits or lays next to us when we are eating, doesn’t try to take the food off the plate at all, no begging.

We have only had two leaks in the house, which is understandable since the house probably still smells from the last owner’s dog and she had a long stressful day. First one we didn’t see and the second she did so fast that we didn’t had the time to do anything.

Last night we did her evening walk, where she barked – almost the very first time that she bark – at me for standing in the dark and making noises, and set the alarm for six hours later. Only one little whimper from her as we went upstairs and got ready for bed. At 5am we got up to find her looking very tired and slow and went to take her out for a five minute walk where she had a looooong leak. Got home, put her to bed (from now on “Go dodo”), she had a little whimper as we walked upstairs to have few more hours of sleep.

When we got down for a real morning walk she was really full of beans and ready to go. Before we got ready she leaked and made a deposit in the yarden. The morning was spent mostly at the end of the lead since she was very awake and we weren’t. We met one other dog which she did bark and growl at, mostly I think because she wanted to play and couldn’t.

We left her alone today for the first time and left the house to get more treats and toys along with doggy shampoo. There was not a whimper as we left or when we came home 30 minutes later. We let her stay in the crate for a few minutes while we unpacked and then let her out without too much hoo-ha. Though she put her mark on the matter by leaking in the front room, we should have taken her out into the back yarden, just in case – so bad humans.

The only thing we have found wrong with her – she doesn’t like pigs ears! (Discerning pup.)

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