Meet Tilley

Today we picked up Scrappy, from now on known as Tilley, from Darlington Dog’s Trust. We had a 45 minute talk about us what to expect and what support we can get from the Dogs Trust and then filled out a few forms. We were pleased to get four weeks’ free insurance from the trust, as well as a welcome pack of food, a harness and lead, a subscription to Pet24, and all Tilley’s veterinary information. All this for a donation of £80. It is such a good way to welcome a dog into the family.

Tilley was all over the place at the end of the lead, this way then that way. One of the staff from the trust gave her a bone and she jumped right into the car and crate happily. We had a hour and a half journey back, but we heard nothing from her, not even when she puked in the car. Poor thing was a bit car sick, clearly. A quick stop to clean the crate and a little more talking into the car we were off. She was rather quiet after that and fell fast asleep.

Arrived home and she was rather happy to get out of the car, a whole new world for her and tons of new exciting smells. We closed the downstairs up so that she had a free run of the kitchen and the yarden (garden + yard, see what we did there…). Nothing major, just the nose everywhere, that corner to this corner.

After 20 minutes we sat down for some dinner (lunch for you lot from down south) and she just looked at us eating our food. After a minute or so of that she laid down and enjoyed the sun, though with a keen ear, nose and eye on what we were doing.

No barking and very gentle jumping, we just have to get used to having this trip hazard around our legs as we are moving around the house. She will need a bath but that will be tomorrow, because she does have that kennel smell. Welcome home, Tilley! I’m sure we’re all going to have lots of adventures together.

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  1. Just found this and will now watch this space for news of Tilley. Good choice of name by the way! Have you got something that smells of the place she was kept in at the Dogs Trust? It might help her settle in. We had a blanket that was in the space where Morphy’s mum and brothers and sisters were which we didn’t wash until he had been with us for a fortnight or so – a bit wiffy after a while, but it helped. Might not be so necessary as Tilley is a bit older but just a thought. Good luck with training and Liver Cake!

    1. Hello Jan.

      Tilley is going into the crate on her own accord right now and we have to leave her in there for 20 min at the time, not a peep from her at all. We tried to give her something that smelled of us but the journey in the car was a bit too much for her, so we had to wash the breakfast off. She is very clam and gentle and Peli is well excited too, can’t stop trying to teach her something or let the little rest for a few minutes.

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