The Dogs Trust

Well after a few years of nagging I have finally managed to drag Peli to a place to look for a dog to have. Lots of talking to and fro over the last years – rescue or kennel dog? Listed the pro and cons about where to get it from, what kind, size etc etc etc. I have always had dogs while growing up and pretty much all my friends and family has dogs. Peli have grown up dog less – cats and horses was her thing. Though while on tour we meet plenty of lovely dogs, both wild/farm and at friends and this have turned Peli around. Luck would have it that her asthma isn’t playing up while around dogs and she really likes walking them too, she even scooped the poop šŸ™‚

After a lot of talking and surfing various dog related websites, we had narrowed it down to a Lurcher or Working Cocker Spaniel. So today we went, pretty much last minute, jumped into the car and went.

We arrived at Darlington Dogs Trust was greeted by great staff and went around to look at the dogs there. We found beautiful Lizzy the whippet/lurcher who we fell for right away, but sadly (for us only) she was picked by others while we where there.

Though then there was young Scrappy a “border” collie cross (crossed with what?) who came and said hallo to us – full of beans, 6 months old, gentle, lots of jumping and no big time licking. It is hard not to like her even when we said that border collies was not the dog for us. She was all over the place on the lead, though that is something we can train out of her.

She will for sure keep us fit, lucky where we live we got three length walks for her to do – doggy park one 2min away, doggy park 6min away and 10min away the Yorkshire Dales hours of fun!

Here is a couple of snaps, the only two that we got with her, all the other photos are where she recently was šŸ™‚

We will pick up Scrappy (but soon to become Tilley) next Saturday, can’t wait!

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