Training your dog

zitta my dogI have had a fair amount of dogs. Even though I haven’t been old enough to be the main trainer, I have learned a lot about it. What will mess up a dogs head is that one person says that it can be in the bed for example and an other person says it can’t. Though what is worst, if you change your mind everyday, that will truly confuse the dog.

So, some simple rules and stick to them, is the way to go.

It has been around 20 years since I have been the “master/owner”* of a dog, so I’m probably rather rusty.

The families I see around here with dogs clearly haven’t done any discipline or training. I have even seen them hitting their dogs**. Every day I see them walking their dog in a 45° angle, trying not to fall over as the dog is pulling the lead that hard. Or them shouting at the top of their lungs in a vain attempt to gain control of their K9.

I for sure will take up some training when we get our woofy. As there surely will be some helpful hints told at the sessions. Like when you can expect the dog to learn certain things, the best ways to discipline etc. For me it is a better way to learn as I can’t learn from a book. And its a great way to meet other dogs and owners.

And after I have trained our woofy I will would love to walk our dog through this area we live. Just to show them how it is done, walking your dog on heel. Maybe even without a lead as my uncle is very known to do with his dogs, but then again he is a professional dog trainer.

*) though we now have to use companion animals according to this.

**) now that is an other post in it self.

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